• 1.Untold Truth

    Continuation of the first book, 'Broken Chains'. It has been a rough couple of months since Skylar had broken up with Cody but being bestfriends with Carson had really brought her back down to Earth. Cody ends up making things worse though Skylar had no officiate her relationship with Carson but every time Cody sees the two of them with nothing but jealousy. However, as part of the bargain of the 'prophecy', Cody pulls Tyler through hell and ended up messing with the wrong spirit. What would happen next?

    Vanessa Voon

  • 2.Tainted desire

    " P-Please..s-st-stop." I shuttered in a horse voice which was cracking down a bit but still he didn't stopped. He didn't stopped hurting himself. Even after all the unhealed bruises and wounds present on his body, he still punched the wall in full rage and crushed the alcohol bottle in between his fists which only resulted into dripping of more and more blood from his palm. " Y-you are hur-hurting yourself." I whispered and that's when he tilted his head to meet my eyes. With murderously scary look on his face he took a step closer to me till our nose started touching each other. " Why Do You f*****g Care?" He yelled and I shivered in fear whilst looking at my feat. His intimidating figure took a one more step near me. " P-please?" I added. " Fine I'll not hurt myself." He said calmy and released a hot breath near my neck. " But.." He added and placed a kiss on my jaw making me completely off guard. " But for that you'll have to let me f**k you."

    Bangtan Ffs

  • 3.The Hitman and His Consort

    Valentin Becking Hacksaw is as close as humanity can get in in terms of creating the ‘apex-human’ both surpassing an average person in both intellect and physical abilities. Or at least that what parents, Dorian Becking and Misha Ivanov, believed even in their final moments when they get caught in a plane crash when Valentin was only a year old. However, he has one flaw: A case of ASPD. Growing up, he was left in the care of his parents’ good friends, the Hacksaws. The wack-job mob-like family that uses a hardware company as a front, notorious for being absolute menaces and brutal in their ways of doing business, he played the role as the family’s personal bounty hunter. Now all grown instilled with the knowledge of the trade he discovers the story behind his parents’ absence and demise and subconsciously strung along another well-known merc, a woman named Arthur, who somehow managed to understand his constitution, as their goals converged. Will vindication be the only thing they’ll achieve at the end of the journey?


  • 4.The Alpha King and His Fated Protector

    He's an alpha king, she's an alpha princess, his family killed hers and now she has sworn to protect him... Will she do it? Elina Bloodmoon, a descendant of the ancient caste of overthrown kings who ruled over the vast territory bearing her same surname, which was subdued and attached to the new kingdom of Varkolak, decides that it is time to regain the lost status of her lineage and she sets out to compete on the day of the blood moon, not expecting that she would end up in a position too close to the new alpha king Bastian Vark. And that's when their lives begin to complicate in an intricate web of conspiracy, lust, fights and defeats to protect what each of them considered as the most important

    Luna Carmal

  • 5.Dominate Me

    Fall for a billionaire writing contest. steamy story/ suspense/ thriller Sasha was always the quiet type.Very Shy, But could also be a little feisty at times. She tends to Does as she is told and works hard. But she wanted more out of life, To be wild and free and do something crazy beyond her dreams. Something deep down inside was begging to let loose. She always believed this would be nothing more then a fantasy , as She never had the guts to do anything crazy. That is until she meets Joshua. Her very rich, very Handsome, extremely confident Very dominate new boss. while on a business trip Joshua takes a shining to her and takes her on the ride of her life. He is a man of many secrets but Sasha was addicted to his sensuality and dominance. Would he destroy her or liberate her.


  • 6.The Rebirth of the Billionaire Spoiled Wife

    “Elena, you’d rather die than be married to me?” Clayton asked her. She had been forced into a marriage with a cold and calculating man when she was just twenty years old. She didn’t refuse him the second time around. She would chase her true love at all costs and tried everything to get away from Clayton. She had not realized her mistakes until right before she was about to die. She had been given a second chance. Hand in hand with Clayton, she would get her revenge at all costs! She would not be so easily fooled the second time around. Her name was Elena Olsen. She was going to get everything she deserved!


  • 7.Soon To Be His Luna

    Ella Terence, is the daughter of Rick Terence, Alpha of the Black Rose Pack. The Black Rose Pack have come to good terms with the Golden Moon Pack, also known as 'Fighters'. They have earned the name and it suits them. They are fighters, savages, undefeated but that is not what scares Ella. Her father along with the Alpha of the Golden Moon Pack, have made a deal. Their children are to get married, even against their will. Will Ella accept to marry the soon to be Alpha of the Golden Moon Pack or will she run away to escape this marriage?

    Marzie Keen

  • 8.Mafia's Property

    It is a story of how Gangster ladies and mafias gentleman meet each other. It explain this how they fight and how they solve a crime. It written here how the ladies meet each other and how they build there gang into the Top 1 in all gangster in the world. But the most exciting part are the ladies and gentleman are all college students. You can't imagine how they manage their gangster life and student life. Let's read and Knows the story behind the Mafias Property.

    Ana Mae J. Gallenero

  • 9.Endless Black

    "Stop; please stop.” I begged but no one is merciful enough to listen to me. From then on, I lost my power to speak; as no one is going to listen. Ash When I saw her black eyes, I was lost in its depth. It is like a black hole. It consumes you. I was consumed by her. However, later I understood how much darkness there in those black eyes of her. But it's already too late. I am poisoned by her. But I want revenge from her. She has to pay for what she did. Both have their reason to hate each other. Will there be any love? Will this love have a happy ending? Or will it turn into another tragedy? To know please try this new book? It contains violence and how a girl overcomes it. It is not all about happy cute love. Moreover, that girl went through a lot. So please try to understand her and the reason behind her silence. It takes time to heal our pain so be patient with it. *****mature contain and dark theme *****


  • 10.Blind Fury: The Boss and his Alpha

    Labyrinth Armani is the only child of the Armani family and the next in line to take over the family business. He comes from the most dreadful Mafia family in all of Europe, they are called The Unfazed. Labyrinth, on his quest to find his one true love before taking over the family business decided to travel to America with his best friends in search of his lo affetto. There, he met Oliver Freeman, the alpha of the Purple blood pack. It was love at first sight.. But unknown to him Oliver's family has had a huge grudge against his family and they have always planned to destroy his family. Turns out him  meeting Oliver wasn't a beautiful accident but a well planned trap set by Oliver. How will Labyrinth handle the betrayal that comes with his love and would Oliver be able to go ahead with her plans for vengeance?


  • 11.Lost in his embrace

    I smile. I actually smile and he smiles too while he still holds my eyes with his. I nervously bring my hand from my side to his face but I stop midway because I want to make sure that it's okay. He closes his eyes as his response. He waits for my hand to land on his face. Gathering myself, I continue and the contact gives me butterflies in my stomach. His face is hard and smooth. So smooth. I then slide my hand down to his stubble and it feels amazing. A while later, He opens his eyes. I feel my throat bob up and down as his eyes pierce my eyes again. He reaches my hand, squeezes it and gently takes it off from his face before he gradually ducks his head down. I close my eyes waiting for his lips to capture mine. How those lips taste like? Do they taste like Tyler's? Or they are better than Tyler's? I'm sure they are better. I can't wait any longer. I'm eager to know. I want to know. The feeling of his lips against mine must be incredible. His tongue shoving inside my mouth must be beyond pleasurable. His teeth biting my lips must be beyond description.

    Sienna V.


    **Completed** ~BLURB~ Larissa doesn't believe in the supernatural, not in werewolves. When her father forewarns her of their existence, she takes it as one of his tricks of keeping her locked behind the walls of the palace. As smart as she is, she escapes the palace, also her father's kingdom alongside her handmaid. And they go hunting in the forest of Lavendar. In a matter of time, the hunters become the hunted, and Larissa has to run for her life after seeing a large wolf pounce on her handmaid and another charge at her. Will she survive the attack? * * * * * * Days after reclaiming the throne of his fathers, Alpha Thane celebrates his 25th birthday. And when it's time for the presentation of gifts, his pack presents him with a gift, but strangely a human gift which makes Thane's heart swell. But when the veil comes off and Thane beholds her face, he recognizes her and rejects her on the spot. Thane doesn't want his gift. Thane wouldn't let another have her. What happens when an enemy emerges and seeks to kill Larissa? Would Thane give her up to punish her for the sins of her father? Or, would he rather be her savior and keep her safe? Is she going to be his Luna or is there someone else he loves? *Add the story to your library and read to find out.

    Pamela Ulu

  • 13.Lion Alpha's Broken Mate

    Lindsey is a survivor. She has made a career out of picking herself up and moving forward. Protecting her closest friends from her overprotective, crazily possessive father foremost in her mind. But she's almost out. After she turns eighteen, nothing can stop her from leaving. She just has to survive that long to see it. Tony is lion shifter with the weight of his Pride bearing down on him. Once his father steps down they are counting on him for their livelihood and their safety. That can't happen without his mate. Most Pride leaders find their mate young. He never has and it's the only thing stopping him from leading the people he loves so much. They find each other by chance. Lindsey doesn't want any more complications in her life. Tony is determined to make her his. A childhood friend wants to secure her position in the Pride. Has spent years trying to make it happen. Now she's tired of waiting. She'll stop at nothing to make sure that if she can't have Tony, then no one will. In the end, Lindsey finds out that she is stronger than she ever thought possible. Fighting back with everything she has, she realizes that protecting those around her is not weak. And giving the ultimate sacrifice for those you love takes an inhuman amount of strength.

    Lori W

  • 14.Dragon's Heart

    Adrian grew in a loving family, but he had to grow up without his real father. His dad's best-friend married his mom and adopted him when Adrian was ready. When Adrian turns 18 he finds his world turned upside down. He is doubled over in pain in the middle of a patch of forest. He's never experienced such pain.Then she appeared and touched him. All the pain melted away. Something was drawing him to her. He only caught a glimpse of her green eyes as she stared at his feet. She broke free of his grasp and ran away from him. He couldn't find her for 10 years. Later that night Adrian changed into a dragon of which he had no idea he was. His world changed forever then. He had to find other dragons he had to learn about a world he never knew existed before. He came across his best-friend Collin Bell shortly after his first change. He was running scared too not knowing he was a dragon as well. They fought, but they realized they were just scared. Jax Greystone took them in and taught them how to be a dragon. When Adrian offers land he inherited to help prevent deaths from a rival dragon clan attacking Jax's Red Rock Clan Jax changes plans at the last minute. Adrian can't abide Jax's need to stay and leaves for his land. Robyn has been on the run from her foster father since she was 17 after he tried to attack her. She wandered into a small town and was taken in by Big John and Julie. It was the first time she had a family. Everything was going fine until Adrian Chase and his friends wandered into Big John's bar and restaurant where she worked as the head cook. Robyn was terrified of him telling his mother who she was. It would mean her foster father could find her. She struggles with the fact that she was attracted to him the moment she saw him in school when she was 15. The feelings he evoked in her when he found her in the forest never went away. She ran from him to hide away. Adrian didn't know that when he inherited his adopted father's businesses that the land he inherited with it had a small town called Black Moon. He builds his clan of Black Moon. He is intrigued by the cook Robyn. She runs away and that is when he realizes who she means to him. She saved him from his pain all those years ago. He had an attraction to her and she fought it. When he finds Robyn shivering in his bedroom closet things change. Robyn isn't in his bed the next morning. He learns why she's running and vows to protect her by taking her to his clan revealing his world to her. Soon Adrian is in the running for the dragon throne in North America. All alphas had to participate in the challenges set forth by the dragon council. Robyn is kidnapped and beaten almost to death. She suddenly appears outside of his clan's gate. They stop denying their attraction. But they never find peace for long. Adrian is tasked by the fae king Oberon to find his missing daughter. She was spelled by a fairy witch as a child to hide her true self. What Adrian doesn't know is he already found her. He wasn't the only one looking for her though. The dark fae king and prince are searching for her too. If they gain her they gain entrance to the fairy realm of Faylinn. If they gained the throne through her all fae kingdoms are at risk. Follow their story of a love so true it transcends space and time. They were always fated to find each other.

    Kay C.

  • 15.Until Death Do Us Apart

    *Girl Power - Rebirth of The Heroine Contest* I wore my smile as a bulletproof mask. This is the last weapon I have. I had been robbed of everything else except that, and my mind. I didn’t plan to marry anyone, at least not in the beginning of my reign. I was supposed to be the queen not a wife. He was the only suitor whom my father had approved. I have dreamt about this moment my whole life. I desired to change the empire in order to improve it. I tried and tried over again. I was also willing to share my power. I didn’t wish to be like my father and have blood on my hands, but instead of that I will be a poppet in his hands. They say my husband-to-be is a brute with no heart. He’s the only heir to the male royal bloodline and therefore the best candidate to become my husband. He’s the only one who can tame both me and my power, and my father is aware of that fact. I had lost and this was the price I had to pay. I had to marry a man, a prince I have never seen before. Princess Selene should have reigned the whole empire, but now, she has to marry a stranger, and in the very next moment she’s gone. Few centuries later, a new figure joins the scene. She is no one. Yara Svobodová is an orphan from Eastern Europe, yet she was admitted to the Academy of Lethal Arts. The life there is easy; either you survive or you die. When you have no combat skills, no idea of what’s going on, you’re a plus size and nobody watches your back, then your life might get tough a little. When you finally start puzzling pieces from your past, it might be even worse, because then, the real game begins.

    Hana Isabella Serne

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