• 1.Dreame Writing Guides

    *Writing guides for the specific genres will be updated irregularly. This is a guidebook that provides writers some writing techniques on creating online novels. It includes three parts that guide you through writing a book: a. preparation before writing; b. ideas and solutions you can draw from; c. how to earn likes from readers. You can share your writer's block with us while writing your book by comments and tell us what else that you would expect us to provide. It would be also great if you, as an established writer, can share your experience with us. If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write. – Somerset Maugham


  • 2.Southern Reign

    Bree Theriot is a direct descendant of the Wiccan Goddess Rosalee — although it’s something her family has hidden from her, her entire life. She is surprised to find out she is mated to a Lycan, and none other than King John Elias, the ruler of the Southern Territory. Seemingly overnight, all of her dreams are coming true. She is beside herself with planning for the future. As she steps into her new role as Queen of the South, she becomes the target of jealousy, dark magic, and revenge. It’s up to her to protect her coven and her kingdom from the forces that threaten to destroy everything she loves— before it’s too late. Girl Power-Stary Writing Academy III Theme


  • 3.Made For Each Other

    "You guys are made for each other" "I know right! How cute!", squealed another. The cliche made me sigh. I gave a pretense of a grin, as my typical husband smirked and said no more. The aunts who had to gossip continued. This arranged marriage was for benefits; that I kept telling myself. My dad who stood a few meters away hadn't taken his eyes off my gaze, and was not enjoying this glorious engagement function as much as me. I knew what to do. This marriage was so made for each other. Because I was made to kill him. And he? To love me.


  • 4.Forbidden Passion

    After an attack left Ashton seriously injured and permanently disfigured, he has lived alone in despair, waiting for the day he would meet his mate and finally find the one person he was sure would love him despite his frightening face. When he does meet her, she is horrified by him and rejects him immediately. Now abandoned by the one person who he believed would be his saving grace, he sinks into depression and believes that there is no one who can see past his scars and love him as he is. A childhood friend comes back into his life, and he finds himself growing attracted to her, despite his better judgement. Will she accept him? Will he avenge himself and find his attacker? Can they weather the pain of his past together?


  • 5.His Accidental Luna

    To get forsaken by your own pack means losing where you are suppose to be, yet the rejection of one's mate is like a sanity crumbling to bear an Unbearable pain that Luna never experienced before. On the long run and as a rogue, is there still a chance for a she-wolf like her to survive? A second chance to start over or it would be the same hopeless resort that were taken from her and stolen?


  • 6.Rebellious Princesses

    Dare To Be A Teen - Meet My Hybrid Girl Writing Contest Sequel of The Bad Boy Sang My Song- Xandria and Evaleen just returned from practice, they both got in the basketball team and Xandria was telling her about all the facilities, sports, and upcoming games. Evaleen was already feeling a little excited with Xandria’s cheery nature and her bubbly voice for the future games. Her eyes turned when she smelt a familiar musk and there he was dressed in tight training gear, water droplets dripping from his hair. Evaleen gulped looking at Christian and suddenly a guy came and high-fived him, “Nice game back there, Blackwood.” Evaleen’s breathing stopped and he quickly turned her head away from him. “What did he say?” Evaleen asked herself but Xandria heard it and followed Evaleen’s eye line. “Ah, here is my stupid brother, and the guy you are seeing, Christian,” Xandria said with amusement. Evaleen frowned trying to remember when she had heard the name before. “He looks like a stud but, trust me, he is a dork. I don’t know what you see in him.” Xandria joked about her brother; Christian heard what his sister was saying and passed a glare to her. Evaleen snapped out of her thoughts and turned to Evaleen. “Wait, is he Christian…Christian-Blackwood?” Evaleen tried hard to say the word. “Uh-yeah.” Now, Xandria was looking confused. “So that makes you Xandria Blackwood, daughter of Xavier and Celestina,” Evaleen whispered to herself but Xandria’s supernatural hearing heard all of it. “Yes, baby in flesh and blood. We don’t like to be known for our mom and dad’s identity but it’s kind of inevitable around here.” Xandria shrugged, Evaleen’s heart rate started to increase and she wanted nothing more than to get away from her new friend. “Hey, are you ok?” Xandria put her hand on Evaleen’s shoulder to see what’s wrong with her. Xandria stepped back suddenly. Evaleen saw Christian approach her from the corner of her eye and saw Xandria’s freaked-out expression due to her irregular heartbeat. She sprinted out of there without uttering a single word….. *** Christian ran in the direction Evaleen sprinted to, whereas here Xandria was too stunned to move from her position. She knew Evaleen was not a human but that heartbeat was exactly the same as her mother when she was human. Xandria remembers it as it was the first sound she heard when she was born, but that only belongs to a tribrid. What was she? With all the problems rising around the world, another tribrid coming to existence can cause a huge disaster, she can’t risk the lack of information becoming a weapon against them. Xandria was ready to leave the school premises and rush home and was actually thinking about talking to her mother about her changes when she got interrupted by the person who she wanna be around but also annoys Xandria is every occasion, Fayette Monet. “Fayette, I really don’t have time for this.” Xandria tried to move to her left but Fayette blocked her way. “And where is our little princess running to?” Fayette’s group was behind her, many were exchange students and others were pick-me girls of the school. Fayette got along with the popular group of the school as soon as she came to Fall River high school opposite to Xandria who liked her old friends better; exactly like her mom who liked a tight-knit group but her bond with Fayette had caused her to lose many arguments but today she wasn’t having it. Xandria wanted to get out of there without hurting anyone. “I thought maybe we could go to the cafeteria and have lunch.” Fayette’s voice turned unbelievably sweet. Xandria frowned at the sudden change but then she heard the patter of her heartbeat. Fayette was lying to her, definitely conspiring something. “I said move,” Xandria growled and pushed Fayette to the ground. Her eyes started to flicker between blue and yellow. Before anybody could see, she rushed to her car avoiding the feeling of heartbreak, due to Fayette’s lie.


  • 7.Elemental Queen: Fate of the Fire Queen

    (Book 2) Zariah and her sisters are trying to settle into ruling their kingdoms and Zare. Malos escapes the dungeons tho they are heavily guarded. Kindra is still struggling. Her magic is still weak. She is searching for a something to help her. It sends Kayne and her on a dangerous quest that could take their lives. Zariah and Caedan are trying to find his father.

    Kay C.

  • 8.The Alpha's Desire

    Dare to be a teen- Meet my hybrid girl writing contest. Melissa Ray is a 17years old teenager, who ran away from home after stirring a major problem with a Mafia boss' son. Now she's found herself in the midst of shape shifters she never believed existed. Tyler stars is the most handsome eligible bachelor in Moonstone pack, He can be brutal when it comes to the enemies but he's the sweetest Alpha. Every she wolf dream is to have him but he insist on keeping himself for his true love, his mate and Luna. What happens when circumstances brings two worlds together? Follow their beautiful story.



    When the William Willson...gets unbuttoned! Deep in the African rainforest, innocent Sara has come to reclusive billionaire William Willson to save her business. With just minutes to persuade him to help – her only other option is to settle her debts in his bed!.



    Brothel. A pleasure room where fantasies became reality. A porno-hymn to sexy excess, a tantalising playroom where anything goes. A place to offer sexual intercourse in exchange for a worldly desire. Clair Massoullevè and Creux Morosov are both co-owners of a Highest Class Cion Brothel, exclusively for capitalists, elites, and high profile people across the world. Creux Morosov, known for being an extremely handsome, he has a terrible reputation as a veritable Casanova, no woman can escape from his charm, even Clair who is hard as ice plunges herself into the world of sexual pleasure, where dirty rhythm taking place in every corner of the brothel. Clair loved the man to the point that she would do things she once never thought she could do. But... The man only thinks of her as a business partner and he also has no intention of touching the girl for the reason he doesn't want to affect their partnership in case it has unnecessary feelings for him especially since Creux doesn't want commitment. As Creux insisted on strengthening the wall he had built and drawing a clearer line between him and her, Clair quickly and easily demolished and erased them with just one play of music and a crimson curtain drop on the stage, the most iconic stage of the CION brothel where Clair dances in front of billionaires. Will Clair succeed in her little seductions or will the next thing get worse because of what she does?


  • 11.Revenge for the Sacrifice

    I am very confident that this is not done by him, but some where I feel scared that what if he returns. I really don't understand what to do... Ah..... Relax baby, you will be fine okay. But why, don't you tell about it to Samuel, he loves you so much ? I know, but I feel scared. What if he leaves me, I can't bear that. He is my first love. For the past 1 hour I was waiting for her, but she didn't. I felt very scared, what if Riya, retreats from her promises which she had obliged just few hours ago? -------------------------------------------------- Did you go to the Maldives, just to place a piece of paper? No. It's not a piece of paper, I thought, I will give her my glance to revive her memory, if she revealed her notes. But, she is cunning and acted like innocent and fragile in front of her husband. We both know, how cruel and cunning she is. She has not changed a bit after all the incidents and married a rich guy and you too know the real reason for her so-called true love marriage. Hey, I know you want justice and even me too. But, we need patience, we waited for 2 years and give me some more time. We both will give justice not for us but to everyone. ------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my latest story to unfold many hidden secrets, and unexpected twists. Find who is the culprit and who wants the revenge, for what?

    Arya The Writer


    When Oliver , sees the lovely Hazel under a full moon, he can not control himself. Oliver ends up biting Hazel. Though the bite, Oliver binds Hazel to him. Immediately after the incident, Hazel runs to her room and heads back home. Oliver has never met anyone like Hazal and knows he probably will never meet anyone like her again. Oliver follows Hazel. Can he convince Hazel that she does belong with him? .


  • 13.POSSESSED: Tainted Love

    Lisa is just a beautiful girl and a sweetheart. She recently finds herself prone to trouble. Trouble follows her around. She falls in love with a very dangerous and Ruthless man. What happens when she finds out the truth about Him. Will she stay leave or stay? Is their love strong enough? Only Fate will decide.


  • 14.POSSESSED 2:The evil king

    Part 2 : Lisa finally finds her lover. She finds out that Tan is a demon. He's the heir to the throne of Satan. His name is Lucifer. But right after her memory was wiped and couldn't remember anything. Yet still finds herself between heaven , earth and hell Lisa leans about the differences between heaven, earth and hell. She's got a choice but can only choose 1. She can be either a queen of either earth, hell or heaven. She fights the biggest war of her life. will she survive ? Will she remember her true love it it's just not meant to be.. Read more to find out. N please do leave a comment I beg.


  • 15.Her savage Mate

    He is a ruthless lunar world king that everybody feared, she is a third daughter of a man looking for an alliance with him. Neither one believes a mate was in their future, but Moon Goddess has a different idea...


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