Double Trouble with Terrible Twins
Dreame | 2018-11-05 10:48:11
Love triangles, will you be hooked by twins?

My Twin Daddies - Dad’s are great, so why not have two?

Alice is as sweet as sugar and her adopted daddies have a serious sweet tooth. So when they discover her being bullied in the playground they can’t help but take her home and treat her like the little princess they’ve always wanted. What follows a slowly escalating drama that keeps you guessing one page to the next.  This story is at once disturbing and arousing and a must read if you like DDLG.

My Twin Bosses  Who’s afraid of the big bad wolves?

Rosaline thought being a PA to Angelo and Adrian, twin CEOs of the most opulent company on earth, would be a nightmare. But she quickly discovers that they hotter than a pre-heated oven and is instantly enthralled to them. They quickly claim her and a white-hot romance forms. But they hide a dark secret - what will she do when she discovers that they are werewolves?

A rollercoaster of a story, a must-read if you are into billionaires, werewolves or love-triangles. Rosaline, the protagonist, is sweet, beautiful and strong, and a joy to follow on her exciting journey. 

My Twin Stepbrothers -Brotherly love is the best love.

Abby’s life is flipped on its head when her parents die in a horrific car crash. With no one else to turn to she seeks comfort from her step-brothers, Liam and Ethan, but they get their own ideas on how best to comfort her. What follows is a swirling love triangle with Abby at its center and even though she knows it is wrong she can’t deny that it feels oh so right.

This story grabs hold of your throat and doesn’t let go. The plot snaps from one twist to another so that, by the end, the reader is left reeling. Read this story if you like love-triangles and taboo erotica.

Angelo and Adrian are twin werewolf Alpha Kings and had yet to find their mate. The moment they first laid eyes on Rosalina, a pretty and innocent girl, they knew it was her and the twin boys started to fight for pursuing her. Rosalina never had crush on anyone, however, now she is surrounded by the hot affection and sweet caring of these two possessive brothers. Who should she choose and how would things go?

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