Featured Author: Vrinda, a dream weaver of dark romance story
Dreame | 2018-11-05 09:59:03
As a featured author on Dreame, Vrinda's books have been on the hot list for more than 15 weeks. She is well-known for her work His Purchased Wife and other popular books with rich and possessive heroes. In her books romance usually grows and blossoms from an initial hatred and torture. Her plots are gripping and you'll be hooked by a roller-coaster of emotions the protagonists suffer before finally falling in love with each other. Good Job Vrinda!

His Purchased Wife 

"Sin is easy to commit but hard to rectify."
Never in her wildest dreams, has Emily thought that she will be treated like this – to be forced to be married this arrogant billionaire.
Emily, a pretty and kind-hearted girl, just graduated from the college. She had lost her parents at ten and then her property was taken from her by her vicious uncle and aunt who treated her as the maid of the house. As if life hadn’t snatched enough from her, she lost her only dream when her uncle sold her to be the wife of a heartless man. Emily’s life took a huge turn when she became “His Purchased Wife”…

Their Broken Hearts-His Purchased Wife II

Where the first book was dark and oppressive, the sequel to His Purchased Wife features more joyful elements. The heroine, Fiona, is a girl with a tragic childhood and who is sold to a wealthy family. But luckily she is not tortured. Instead, she saves her uncle from choking to death and is accepted into the family. With the plot moving forward at breakneck speed the readers will want to know why Fiona is purchased and what is the story behind Theo’s hatred towards Fiona. And it is also interesting to read how a common girl like Fiona can accommodate herself to a life of opulence.

Billionaire's passionate love


This story is about two lovers who are separated after graduation. The story begins when the hero, Ethan, meets the heroine, Olivia, years later. However, Ethan has changed from a graceful and charming man into one with no heart. Despite this, Olivia still loves him and is willing to bring back her lost love with her patience and love.


The story has only 8 chapters and it’s still being updated every Friday. Even so, in the limited chapters already uploaded the writer successfully depicts a twisted relationship heaps of suspense. What has happened to Ethan, and what challenges Olivia will confront, all crowd the mind and really grab the readers curiosity. So if you like stories in which the hero has a mentally traumatic experience, this book is definitely a good choice.


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