The Next Great Read: Romance Stories
Dreame | 2018-11-05 08:24:31
To present you a hurricane of romance...

“Pose as my wife for one year then you can demand anything as provision after that.” Ryan, the young entrepreneur, said to Rhea. 

She gave in, only want to save her brother. Rhea thought she would never fall in with someone like Ryan, since he sent her brother to jail, and let alone he is a JERK! And Ryan married her just for fortune. 

But, destiny has some different plans for them and someone secretly falls in love...

Author: Taani Singh

Taani is an author good at creating plots in suspense and tension. Even the antagonist in her story seems appealing.


A normal high-school girl, Vivian suddenly finds herself going mad for the student union president, Aaron. 

She vies for his attention, never imagining that he would actually be interested in her: little does she know that she has long been his obsession. 

When he discovers her lust for him, he acts. Soon she finds herself being pulled into his deepest sexual fantasies.

Author: Lovely Panda  

As a featured author on Dreame, Lovely Panda is good at building an immersive atmosphere with a joyful tone and detailed setting. In real life, she is a prolific gardener.


Brooke Saunders was always taunted by her mean classmate Cameryn at class. 

But she could never defend herself because Cameryn knew a big torturing secret about her past miserable memories.
Things got even worse when Brooke fell in love with her brother's best friend - and Cameryn’s boyfriend - James Winter. 

Then she got another secret kept from others.

One day, something happened and changed all these tough school days Brooke has endured…


Author: Desiree Smith

A very thoughtful writer who has a strong passion for exploring new creative patterns and backgrounds.

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